Monday, November 7, 2011

Bang Style

I was at my salon this weekend and my hair stylist introduced me to this great new fashion and hair website that has recently been launched. This site is aimed mainly towards college students and young adults. It focuses on hair culture with art, photography, fashion, news, entertainment, and even music. 

Many salon professionals are now joining this site to follow on what is popular, hair products, top salons, and even top hair stylists. They can add their salon, pictures, and products to the site to gain publicity as well as to allow people to comment and rate them as well.
The Site is gaining publicity and is starting a new underground marketing technique to get word out about some of their hair products before they come out with them. They list what salons will carry their products along with other information that is interesting and relevant to young adults, yet the products are not out on the market yet, they will be out in the near future. So keep a look out and follow their site!

I was playing around on the website and found it to be very interesting, the layout is clean and organized making it easy and fun for users to use. I was reading through some of the entertainment articles and there is something there for everyone from news about James Franco to the Mob Museum opening in Las Vegas. Also, under entertainment I found some great events that were listed, and a great way for people to hear about things that they are interested in and wishing to visit.
And one of my favorite things about their site... the fashion stories and articles. Just like with any blog you can read up on what some thing about upcoming trends and styles, along with do's and don'ts. I think that is is a great up and coming site that not only gives you information about hair products, salons, and stylists, but everything in between. So take a look, and keep an eye out for their products coming out soon!

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