Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Kite Runner

Tonight I had the opportunity to go see the American Place Theatre's Literature to Life Stage Presentation of: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini Performed by Sorab Wadia and Directed by Wynn Handman.
The American Place Theatre's Literature to Life is an Off Broadway production company and this show was a one man show. I have to admit, sometimes I am a little skeptical of one man shows because of how difficult it is and not many people can captivate the audience and send the right message when playing the part. Sorab Wadia was captivating, emotional, grabbed the attention and moved the entire audience, he was simply put, impeccable. 
To portray the characters of more than one hero was amazing and he was definitely up for the challenge. From a young boy, to a bully, to a father, a young man looking back on his life, Wadia nailed each part. When he cried the entire audience did too, and each emotion he acted out the audience felt and understood.
The entire story line was moving and captivating. I think all the right scenes were picked and reenacted. Sorab Wadia whole heartedly played the parts. I felt each emotion and his spirit gave life to the entire play, seeing as he was a one man show.  
I read the book when it first came out, so for me this was very touching and I probably understood more than those who did not read the novel did. Yet, I must say that the play was presented in such a way that anyone could enjoy it and understand it even if they had not read the book or seen the movie. I am sure that this show will be traveling around some more and I think it is definitely worth your while to go watch it and learn and experience something new.
Sorab Wadia

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