Friday, December 9, 2011

Chanel Meets Bombay

Just this week Chanel had a new fashion show in Grand-Palais, Paris on December 6. The show referred to as "Paris-Bombay" truly was colorful, sparkly, and beautiful. It was Chanel meets Bollywood. 
We've all noticed that throughout the recent previous years bollywood has become more and more popular, and the style has become more influential and prominent. Look in your closet and I'm sure you'll find a long flowy skirt for the spring or summer season, large dangly embellished earrings, embellished flats with jewels or sparkles, and much more.
The show was a true Chanel show, elegant, with taste, and of course exceptionally beautiful. The outfits screamed Chanel with that fun and flirty Bollywood flare. True to Chanel form many of the colors stayed in the scheme of white, beige, and black, but you could spot some colors as well along with red and gold!

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