Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars Best and Worst Dressed

Another fabulous Oscars this year with all of our favorite celebs. Some looking amazing as always, while others, well not so much. Congratulations to Meryl Streep and Jean Dugardin for winning best actress and actor!

Some of my favorites of the night:
Angelina looked amazing as always, but personally i am not a huge fan of velour. Tina Fey, Mila,  and Michelle Williams simply looked perfect. While Natalie Portman and Emma Stone wowed in red.

                                 Although these women looked amazing, not all had their style and grace. Some outfits flopped on the red carpet. 

These were a few of my least favorites:
Maryl who is the definition of elegance and class did not wow in her gold dress. Gwyneth who is known to some as a fashion icon, looked lovely in her white gown, but the cape was just bizarre. And while Shailene wore a simple yet sophisticated white Valentino long sleeve gown, the dress seemed to age her.
Is it just me or does this remind you of a christmas tree?

No comment on the dress. But Pink shoes with that? Really?!

Love the color, not quite sure about the mermaid bottom

I like it, and yet something just isnt quite right...

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  1. Love Natalie Portmans dress. She looks great!