Thursday, March 8, 2012

So Ready to Wear Fall 2012

Looks like suits are back! But not your average suits, the new look by Miu Miu is more form fitted and masculine, yet colorful and full of patterns! I have to say this show was one of my favorites compared to the other designers at the fashion show.

Very ready-to-wear! I would so wear this

Love Love Love the color! 

How colorful and fun are these suits?! Not sure about being able to pull off all of them, but i am so excited that colors are still in for the fall!

Now for my favorite of all the designers at the show... Valentino. Can we just say how stunning, classic, elegant, and tasteful all of there pieces are? By far the best collection for the fall! 

Love, Love, Love their show but on a side note can we just say that they were inspired by the Pilgrims? Tell me if you agree.

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