Monday, April 30, 2012

Malo Factory Sneak Peak!

Not as well known in the US as in Europe, Malo is one one the best cashmere brands out there today. Sold in Barneys NYC and Louis Boston in America Malo cashmere is rather exclusive. The Cashmere goods are made 100% in Italy.

I lucked out on my trip to Italy and got a private tour of their factory store as well as a discount at their outlet shop!

On the tour we got to take a look at the upcoming designs for the next seasons. See a couple of the designers at work and take a look at sample fabrics and colors that will be trending in the upcoming seasons. 

If you think this is exciting it gets even better! How often do you get to see not only the ideas for the new products, what inspires them, samples of the new products, but even the process of how the goods are made?! Well let me tell you after the seeing the entire process of how the cashmere sweaters are made from making the threads to ironing the finished sweater I gained a new respect and appreciation for the brand.

How incredible is this entire process? I wish we still had more factories like this that really cared about the makings of their products and every detailed step in between!


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