Monday, April 30, 2012

Malo Factory Sneak Peak!

Not as well known in the US as in Europe, Malo is one one the best cashmere brands out there today. Sold in Barneys NYC and Louis Boston in America Malo cashmere is rather exclusive. The Cashmere goods are made 100% in Italy.

I lucked out on my trip to Italy and got a private tour of their factory store as well as a discount at their outlet shop!

On the tour we got to take a look at the upcoming designs for the next seasons. See a couple of the designers at work and take a look at sample fabrics and colors that will be trending in the upcoming seasons. 

If you think this is exciting it gets even better! How often do you get to see not only the ideas for the new products, what inspires them, samples of the new products, but even the process of how the goods are made?! Well let me tell you after the seeing the entire process of how the cashmere sweaters are made from making the threads to ironing the finished sweater I gained a new respect and appreciation for the brand.

How incredible is this entire process? I wish we still had more factories like this that really cared about the makings of their products and every detailed step in between!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lounging in Lake Como!

How stunning and magical is this place?! This was one of the most spectacular places I have seen thus far. Celebs such as George Clooney have homes in this town and its no wonder that they do. It is so peaceful and beautiful here.

We arrived early in the morning just as the fog was lifting off the lake. The town had many hills and charming homes as well as a magnificent mansion where the Star Wars movies were filmed and James Bond Casino Royale. 

The mansion was so spectacular it was 3 different homes that were attached with secret passageways that were even attached to a chapel. The previous owner was an explorer and designed the home to have the best views of the lake from all directions. This mansion can even be rented out for weddings! Definitely keeping that in mind.

After exploring the town and taking a boat ride on the lake we enjoyed a lovely little lunch right on the water! Enjoying some caprice salad and mushroom risotto and ponoit noir.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Meeting Calvin Klein Italian Style

 Met with the head of HR at Calvin Kelin Milan and it was quite the presentation he had for us.  Talking about the company and how its doing in Europe in comparison to the US, but also my favorite the upcoming trends for the fall of 2012 and what CK is bringing to the table.

The new trend is going to be "Liquid Metals" and we got to see the entire new collections that buyers have yet to take a look at in these upcoming months! I may have found a couple things I liked in there, don't know how well I'd be able to pull them off though

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Valentino Milan

As you can probably guess Valentino is one of my favorite designers. Their style is classic and their pieces are timeless. Being a relatively new designer amongst the top name fashion designers the brand is still growing with their shoes and now a brand new fragrance that came out this year, Valentina. 

When in Milan I was able to meet with the heads of the company and speak to them about the company, the plans and where is it headed. After the talk and presentations, they walked us to the new Valentino store in Milan and gave us a souvenir of a sample of the new fragrance, Valentina!

One of my most memorable trips and meetings yet!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Futbol Italiano!

Its true what they say, Italians are passionate and emotional people, and this definitely applies to soccer as well. 

When I was traveling through Italy I got a surprise opportunity to go and watch a "Futbol" game in Milan. It was Italy vs France so of course it was a big game. Apart from me and my group of friends at the game the majority of the crowd was male and very into the game! Just like it should be!
and lets not forget the drama..

A Taste of Italy

You always wonder, how is it that Italians are so fit and skinny when they consumer so many carbs, eating mainly, pizza, pasta, breads, and more.

Their food is just so incredibly delicious you cant not try it all! Having a sweet tooth I'd have to say I couldn't stay away from the Gelato from the most amazing Gelato shop in Milan called Shokolat.
But overall I had to get a taste for it all, the pastas, fish, meats, wines, and vegetables and all were superb!

And lets not forget their wines with every meal! Take your pick red or white?